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We have sailed a number of times and are "Silver Castaway" members. We also own over $100,000 of DVC interests and for an upcoming cruise we booked using our points.

As my wife and and I were taking three guests we booked two adjoining cabins rather than a single cabin for 5. On trying to book shore excursions we found that because our guests were in the adjoining cabin cabin it would not let us book the excursions for them. Obviously just a systems glitch...On calling Disney Cruise Line I was told that we should have lied regarding the distribution of adults in the cabin so that we had one Castaway listed in each. Again; obviously that made no sense therefore I asked for a supervisor and encountered "Roy" a "customer service supervisor".

Roy was the rudest customer service employee I have ever encountered and made it clear that he had no interest in discussing any exceptions to "the rules".

This is very sad; after 25 years of annual trips to Disney resorts in France, Florida and California and numerous cruises I have put my DVC interests up for sale through a broker and will never again pay the inflated price of a Disney cruise.

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I had the same experience. He is a horrible person.

How is he able to get away with treating customers so bad. Is there anything that can be done?

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