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The ship offers an internet service with a few pricing options (this should be free in my opinion): 500 minutes was $250, 250 minutes was $100, 100 minutes was $55, or you could pay as you go for $0.75 per minute. I chose to do this, as I knew I would not be on the web that much.

I used the internet for about 4 days before I received a bill from guest services saying I owed $1400 worth of internet fees. I know I only used about an hour a day, maybe 2, which would have fallen between $180-$360. Apparently, you need to logout of their system to not be charged. I was going by the little "wi-fi" symbol at the top of my phone, because when it is there I have internet, and when it is not I don't. I did not know this, and based on my last sentence, I thought that since I could not access the internet, that I was logged out. The ship did not provide instructions on how to use their system, otherwise I would have done so.

Anyway, I went down to the guest services desk to get to the bottom of it, and the associates could not really help me. They called the manager who claimed "he was in the gym", which is complete BS, and horrible customer service. So they said to come back the next day. The next morning, I went down again to speak with the manager and I explained to him my situation. He said he would have to call the internet service provider to "investigate" my issue. Long story short, I went back multiple times for 3 days waiting to get an answer.

At this time, I am beyond pissed, and I am about to start freaking out at the manager. I eventually get a call from the manager, who said that he would give me a 50% credit back to my account, which was $700. I was still mad because I did not even use nearly that much. While I was on the phone, I was basically yelling at him saying how completely bogus that was... I am still mad because it cost me more money than I had planned to spend... By doing this, in addition to the other things I had purchased on the ship, he made me max out my credit card, pay ~$250 in cash and use my debit card ~$140 ... all because he would not accept the "customer is always right" theorem (for lack of a better word). Overall, I was at the service desk 11 times over the course of my vacation...

I would definitely rate their customer service at an F, because they only partially solved my problem, and still did not let me walk away happy. I will not be going on, nor do I recommend a Disney cruise for a long time, unless they change their name to Royal Caribbean.

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Sorry, the customer is NOT always right, nor should they have skimped on your fees. You CHOSE to not read what the instructions said on the login page.

Let me repeat that again - You. Chose. To. Not.


This was not a case of Disney Cruise being wrong, this was a case of YOU being wrong. Sorry.

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