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To: Karl L Holz, President Disney Cruise Line

Get the Wow experience with Disney Cruise’s Magical CruiseLoose or misplace your missing valuables and you will never see them again

So where do the belongings go that you leave on board in your stateroom, restaurants, poolside when you sail a Disney Cruise ship?

Good question! Into a black hole that must be in the pockets of cruise personnel. Our experience started when we sailed on the Disney Fantasy on 11/9 through 11/16. My wife was very sick with a cold the entire trip and didn’t make it to many dinners. The night before our arrival at port, we had dinner and our dinner head server gave us a ticket for the morning departure breakfast for 8 a.m. Back at the room that night, she took off her wedding rings and earrings and placed them on the counter and went to bed.

The morning of departure, we were getting ready for breakfast, when suddenly on the loud speaker we heard "all passengers" must leave the ship by 8 a.m. This changed our course of action for the morning and we skipped breakfast and rushed furiously to leave the ship. This is when my wife accidentally left her wedding rings (four in all with a solitaire diamond worth by itself almost 18K), a pair of earrings and two pairs of sandals (men’s and women’s pairs) in the stateroom at Port Canaveral. Only after we had arrived to the room at Disney Bay Lake towers that morning around 10:30 a.m. is when we realized we had left these important valuables in the room and tried to reach the cruise line and the ship itself.

After a fruitless search of all our bags in the room, we found nothing, the items were no where to be found. We contacted Disney’s lost and found and at that point they said there is no way we can call or board the ship to recover the items. We tried calling the main Cruise line number and spoke to several people. All personnel stating the same thing –that we could not contact the ship. We have for several weeks now made exhaustive efforts making hundreds of phone calls to Disney Cruise Line to try to recover our items. We talked to over 6 departments within the cruise line. At one point only 24 hours after the items were left behind, we spoke directly to guest services on the ship and they stated they may have found them, that some rings were turned in.

However now, we are hearing our valuables were never turned in. So, what does this mean, what is the chain of command, chain of events, when something is found, particularly in the stateroom. We have been given no record of the sequence of events after we left our stateroom. Whether the host for our room, his supervisor, ship management were questioned about our items and if anything was pulled from the room! We have no answers, no response from Security on what happens with these occurrences. All we have received is a "sorry this has happened".

I have since filed a Police Report, a report with Port Authority and report with Disney Cruise Line’s internal team. We understand now that the FBI has been brought in but how can we be sure it has been fully investigated by Disney Cruise Line. How Do we know if Disney Cruise Line really cares about what has happened to our valuables.

What is shocking is the RELAXED attitude from the cruise line! Our family is Florida residents, Disney vacation club members, and Gold Disney Cruise Castaway members – This was our 8th cruise. We are APPALLED AT HOW we are BEING TREATED by the Cruise Line!

THIS NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED! WHERE DO THESE VALUABLES GO, IS IT FINDERS KEEPERS on the ship?!!!!! Cruisers should beware that their valuables get sucked into a black hole never to be seen again and Disney doesn’t take care about its passengers or anything lost on the ship.

Product or Service Mentioned: Disney Cruise Line Cruise.

Monetary Loss: $18000.

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this is terrible!! our loss isn't as expensive as yours.

My 3 year old forgot her "baby" security blanket in our stateroom and it has been sleepless nights ever since. :(

Florida, United States #864470

Almost a year later and nothing, I've re contacted all levels in Disney, Disney cruise line, Disney vacation club......they don't care one bit....sorry there is nothing we can do is the reassurances that something like this won't happen to someone else.....there is a major flaw and dis function in processing rooms when guests leave......and there is no such thing as lost and found period!!!!!!


Somebody had a pay day!

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #838679

I have the same issue, but certainly did not suffer the extent of your loss. You are right, they could care less about their customers or customer loyalty.

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